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A conversation with Ari

can i turn , pridict my future, on. I think we already watched the latest episode. but i thought there was more than one episode. on iView? no, on sbs on demand. Ok. Why do you want to watch it? WHat did you like about it? ok well to anser the first question, because i really liked it, and it was just cool. Did you relate to a particular childhood 'type'? i don`t know. Not one slightly more than another category? nope! Ok do you know how to set up Apple TV? Or modem settings? yes! of corse i do. insert emoji later

Fears Manifest?

When it comes to having another child… I’ve got a bit of baggage. When R was born I was living in Sydney… 800 km away from extended family support… and my peers were groovy, ambitious and singularly childless. When I found out I was pregnant I realised I’d never even held a baby before! R was born with macrocephalus and had brain surgery when she was 8 days old. We were told it was likely she was going to be severely disabled. After the operation she decided breastfeeding was a bit too hard and, convinced that she really needed breast milk for healthy brain development, I fought with her for the next 3 months… every 3 hours. My partner was working 70 hour weeks and when he was around… he mad

My problem... or theirs?

Transcribing an interview with Dad last night… When I first told him I’d like to have another child he said he was ‘underwhelmed’. It’s that word that I’ve held onto rather than the advice he gave later… ‘you can’t spend your whole life worrying about what other people might think’. I realised that’s exactly what I do… and a lot of this ‘I don’t fit/they don’t accept me’ angst is stuff that I hold onto and perpetuate… Sure, they make judgements according to what they know… but if I close them out (my sister and mum in particular) for fear of what they might think… I’m not really allowing them the opportunity to revise their attitudes towards me or sexuality or conception… And if my worst fea

Family Values

I’m a filmmaker and mum to a cheeky ‘5 and a quarter’ year old. I’m ‘queer’ and single and kind of happy that way at the moment. More than anything else I’d like to have another child… but, having one already, I’m only too aware of all the ‘pros and cons’. I really love making films so I don’t want to give up career to change interminable pooey nappies… and I really need space, peace and quiet… Apart from the obvious logistic problems (how to get pregnant?) there are times when I wonder whether I’m making the right decision - especially given that it’s such a huge, irreversible one! However… I’m 37 this year and I’ve always been one to throw myself off the cliff rather than stand on the edge

Holiday trysts and piercing urges

Yep… we’re still trying! We’ve gotten so casual with the awkward logistics of insemination attempts that the latest encounter took place in a caravan! After all, why interrupt holiday plans? We sat around in the annex for a bit drinking and chatting… M visited the toilet block and returned with warm syringe clutched in hand. I retreated to my half of the van (a bed shared with sleeping Rosie) had a quiet orgasm and texted the boys, giving them the all-clear to return. ‘Night Son’ from their bed, less than 3 metres away! H & T, so generous in lending us their van, were stoked to think that this might be the unborn child’s conception story! Anyone else got some good ones they’d like to shar

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