about me

I am a teacher and a learner. I am a post-doctoral research fellow at RMIT in Melbourne. I lecture my two kids and anyone else who is interested in queer online activism and gender-diverse social media. I am non-binary.


Incite Stories is my production, distribution and community development space where I work with many talented and inspired individuals to make media that challenges our perceptions of the world. I offer a range of services, including script editing, mentoring and production consultancy.


In the gallery you can see a variety of video content - from animation to educational documentaries to digital stories.

There are also several blog spaces - an archive of my 'family values' project, current 'theoretical things' and a page linked to other work on gender and transition including some context on the 'asterisk'.

All ‘incite-ful’ work... Take a tour and I hope that, in some small way, you are inspired to do and be stuff...