They Day
An initiative of the Victorian Public Service Pride Network
We are Visible
A PSA made for 2017 International Trans Day of Visibility - made by Sam Matthews and a fantastic posse of gender-diverse South Australians
Stories Beyond Gender
Sharing trans and gender-diverse stories on social media to change the world!
'Rainbow Family Tree'
A web community of LGBTQIS digital storytellers and their friends and family...
Marriage is SO Gay!
A kid’s take on gay marriage and religious fundamentalism... and the homophobia that lives and breathes as a result of too many of us doing nothing. Read about the context on and if you’re inspired to act make your voice heard at Please circulate the story widely and let us know on our Rainbow-Family-Tree facebook page what discussions unfold because of it!
Wadu Matyidi
When three adventurous Adnyamathanha kids discover a footprint...
Dear Sister
My sister and I had conflicting perspectives on sexuality and spirituality... This was made as an attempt to get a conversation started... one that is still ongoing! I'd love to hear what you think about the Digital Story and whether stories like this can change beliefs...
Something Honest
Two sisters and the son they both lay claim to… the definitive non-nuclear family are struggling to say ‘something honest’.
Shot over a 9 month period with a constantly evolving script this project was originally conceived as a TV series pilot in the tradition of ‘Queer as Folk’. It premiered at Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival in 1998, eliciting both tears of joy and sadness from an enthusiastic audience.
Three women talk about their experiences with lesbian personal columns... before the internet.
If I gave my heart to you, then I’d have none – and you’d have two. A terminally ill young woman farewells her lover by making her promise to take care of herself. Little does she know her first challenge will be cooking ‘heart pie’.
Home is where the heart is... but that burnt down years ago.
Kylie at Mardi Gras
Shot sometime early in the morning at the 1998 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras party… Sonja is the tiny person holding a camera, dodging fireworks and flames in the gutter at the front of the stage. It was an honour (and a terror) being charged with the responsibility of videoing Ms. Minogue at such close quarters!
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