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Share your story... Change the World

I've been facilitating community storytelling initiatives for many years. Using personal memories photo albums, family video, art, and music, l help 'everyday activists' share their stories in ways that impact their chosen audience, whether family, foe or friend. ​ Grouped by project, here are some of the videos made in 'Journeys from Heartache to Hope', 'Positive Stories', 'Rainbow Family Tree', and 'Stories Beyond Gender'.

Rainbow Family Tree

This large project was part of my PHD, facilitated in 3 rounds - 2 x face to face and 1 x wholly virtual. The storytellers supported one another via a virtual web platform with private discussion boards, tutorials, audience reviews etc. In an era prior to Marriage Equality, when being a rainbow family was stigmatised, storytellers were mindful of publicness and privateness when choosing what stories might impact audiences most.

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