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Family Values

I’m a filmmaker and mum to a cheeky ‘5 and a quarter’ year old. I’m ‘queer’ and single and kind of happy that way at the moment.

More than anything else I’d like to have another child… but, having one already, I’m only too aware of all the ‘pros and cons’. I really love making films so I don’t want to give up career to change interminable pooey nappies… and I really need space, peace and quiet… Apart from the obvious logistic problems (how to get pregnant?) there are times when I wonder whether I’m making the right decision - especially given that it’s such a huge, irreversible one!

However… I’m 37 this year and I’ve always been one to throw myself off the cliff rather than stand on the edge deliberating… so here goes!

This vlog will follow my quest for a new baby… and my endeavours to make a cross-platform doco (TV, web-site, game) about the whole extravaganza… Join me!

By the way - this is the product of my quest... no cross-platform doc but a very beautiful child!

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