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Holiday trysts and piercing urges

Yep… we’re still trying!

We’ve gotten so casual with the awkward logistics of insemination attempts that the latest encounter took place in a caravan! After all, why interrupt holiday plans? We sat around in the annex for a bit drinking and chatting… M visited the toilet block and returned with warm syringe clutched in hand. I retreated to my half of the van (a bed shared with sleeping Rosie) had a quiet orgasm and texted the boys, giving them the all-clear to return.

‘Night Son’ from their bed, less than 3 metres away! H & T, so generous in lending us their van, were stoked to think that this might be the unborn child’s conception story! Anyone else got some good ones they’d like to share? ; )

R finally won her campaign to have pierced ears in the lead up to Christmas. I think the thing that won me over was her newfound desire ‘to be a rock chick when I grow up!’ (better than a ballerina of a Bratz doll anyday!). So now she has short hair with pink streaks and ONE pierced ear. ‘It’s cool to be different to the other girls, and when someone loses one earring they’ll know just who to give the left over one to!’. My heart swells with pride…

So M bought her the jewellery and I paid for the piercing (a ‘proper one’ with a piercing specialist who, as it happens, is housed within a tattoo gallery). Hmm… I thought, is this us stepping out for the first time, as our ‘family of the future?’

A thought that was soon echoed by the piercer. Charmed by R’s erudite chat, she said ‘You must be very proud!’… presumably referring to M and me as R’s parents. Later R made a comment that revealed her Dad had a girlfriend (and she clearly wasn’t talking about M or me). I could almost see the cogs turning in the woman’s head… and I wondered how many jigsaw pieces she would put in to place. Would she work out that M and I were both gay?

Unconventional relationship configurations… whereas, if a similar conversation had come up in the school yard with people I’ll be running into frequently throughout a prospective (and inexplicable?) pregnancy – I’d like to find a way to clarify. ‘Yes, we are proud, but M’s not her Dad, he’s the donor for R’s yet-to-be conceived sibling…’

Ludicrous? Unnecessary? Or just plain funny?

I guess all that remains ahead of us… anyone else got any ‘coming out for the kids’ stories?

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